InsBright is a personal blog run by me and my lovely Girlfriend and Wife. I have completed my post graduation from the Department of Law and Justice and My wife, from Department of English. However, she is currently in a study at EMBA. Blogging is my passion, and one of my big dreams is becoming the owner of a successful blog.My wife loves graphic designing and creative works at her pastime.

Story Behind this Blog:

As I mentioned earlier, I just love blogging. In between 2006-2009, I experienced a great disaster in my life. I just lost myself and the track of my future. Somehow I was lucky enough to meet some great people at that time. Their touch of inspiration motivates me to think positively about life. And I was just satisfied to bring me out with incredibly hard work from that disaster.Are you interested to hear my story? Maybe later.

From the learning my of life, I understand that-

  • Life and dream never end as long as you are alive and determined.
  • What you need is to be patient.
  • The path of your achievement may change.
  • Don’t make over expectation.
  • Know your capacity and act accordingly.
  • Make an action plan to achieve your goal.
  • Your action plan will work only when you know what you are doing and what are the possible outcomes.

I have witnessed many people could not recover themselves from the situation I faced. From the learning of my life, I have decided to open a blog which will help people learn about positive thinking, motivation, and inspiration.

At first, the blog was named But later we decided to rebranded with a new name

Why The Name is Motivational Picture Quotes:

My aim is not to share only my learning or thinking. Because I don’t think I am always right and my inspiring story will be perfect for everyone. People of the world faces different situations that demand different solutions. So I have decided to open a blog where I will share all the great motivational or inspirational quotes by famous persons.

I believe quotes are the outcome of learning about the life of each. They are one of the most significant sources of knowledge to know all about our life from the deep inside. Nowadays, sharing images on social medias is a common practice of young generation. That’s why I decided to put the most relevant quotes on a picture┬áSo that they can be spread out very quickly and widely.

What Was The Exact Reason for Rebranding it as INSBRIGHT

There were two main reasons:

  1. The name ( was unprofessional and pretty long.
  2. We decided to expand the categories of this blog such as inspiring stories, articles, videos, Ebook, etc. Sharing such posts seems odd to us with the previous name.

That is Why we renamed the blog as and it should be noted here that INSBRIGHT means Inspiring Bright Life To us.

Primary Purpose of This Blog:

The Primary Purpose of this blog is to enlighten peoples’ life by sharing famous peoples’ quotes, or short wise saying on a picture.

Secondary Purpose of This Blog:

Though the primary objective of this blog is sharing picture quotes, I will also share some inspirational stories, videos and some personal thinking abut life. I think people will love them to read, people will learn others’ real inspiring stories, and this blog will become a community of individuals around the world.

Some FAQ:

Is this a Commercial Blog?

No, never! It is a non-commercial blog you can view any product, post or anything else at free of cost.

Why Do I see ads on the blog?

I have to pay a huge sum of money to maintain this blog. I have to pay for hosting, domain, Images and some time to content writers. As the blog is entirely free for the users, I use google ads here just to maintain the cost of running this blog. The ads served in this blog is spam and virus free and also safe for your personal security. Hope you will understand the matter.

Can I submit my Story/Article?

As long as it is motivating, inspiring or filled up with positive thinking, you are very welcome to send it. Just go through to our submission page.

However, if you do have any further question about anything, you may contact me without any hesitation.

Thanks and Regards