Birthday is a very special day for all of us. As a wife, you must be looking for some “romantic birthday poems for husband”.Wishing him on various occasions such as on his birthday or anniversary in a cute and romantic way can be great for warming up your relationship.

Having a caring and loving husband means you are blessed by God. Life is so wonderful with the one you feel being loved. If you are the one who gets a wonderful person as a husband, you should feel him loved also.

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Happy Birthday Poems For Husband:

Here I have posted some cute happy birthday wishes poems with images for your loving husband. Hope you will love my poems collection.

Happy birthday to my husband,
who is the reason behind my smile?
You are more precious than a diamond,
and you make my life worthwhile.
Meeting you was the best thing,
that has ever happened to me.
You were my prince, and now the king,
and forever will be!
I will love you,
throughout my life,
and in the hereafter too

birthday poem for husband

Animated Version of This Poem: Reason Behind My Smile?



Happy birthday to my passionate,
and ever loving soulmate.
You have bewitched my heart,
from the very first day.
Whereas no other, handsome or smart,
could win me in any way.
Was it your eyes,
that rooted me to your soul?
Or was it your voice,
that makes me alive and whole?
Perhaps it’s everything about you,
that makes me feel the way I do!
Happy birthday once again my husband!

happy birthday poem for husband

Happy birthday to the best husband,
in the whole wide world,
and I would never trade you,
for any amount of silver or gold.
Still, my heart does the flip-flops,
whenever I look at you,
and I will love you for an eternity,
just like you love me too.
May this day shower you
with abundant happiness!

cute birthday poem for husband

Love is a beautiful feeling,
for it is you, giving it.
My heart in never reeling,
for it is you, holding it.
Every day has turned wonderful,
for they are spent with you, my love.
And today is especially colorful,
for it is the birthday of my dove.
Happy birthday!

romantic birthday poem for husband

Holding your hand warms my heart.
Kissing your lips ignites my soul.
Making a promise, never to depart,
I rely on you, to make me whole.
Another year, and another birthday,
an additional candle lights up the cake.
Need not to count those candles today,
So just enjoy the glow they make!
May this birthday be the best day of your life!
Happy Birthday, My Love!

birthday poems for husband

Hope you have loved these birthday wishes poems for your loving husband.