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1. Copyrights: For the User of This Website

1.1 About Quotes:

We have displayed the quotes for educational purposes only.We do not claim the ownership of any quotes. So, if you use them not for educational purpose but for commercial uses, do this at your own risks.

1.2 About Images:

We have collected raw images from three different sources for the placement and design of the quotes. They are-

1.2.1 Public domain images which are free for everyone to use.

We are claiming full copyright of the images that have been produced with the help of public domain images. Because we have made noticeable changes of those images and put our original concept of design, and thereby produced unique images of our own.

1.2.2 Images from author, granted for non commercial uses, with the condition of attribution of author profile link.

Where we have used images being granted for non commercial uses with the condition of attribution of author profile link, we have put the acknowledgment note mentioning the author name and sources of image. we are not claiming the copyright of such images. But the designs elements on the image such as text designs of the quote are copyrighted to So we are claiming partial copyright on such images.

1.2.3 Images with limited right purchased from premium stock image sites by the way of subscription.

The images that we purchased from premium stock images sites are copyrighted to the respective owners. We have the right (Right arises by way of purchase) to display them (on this blog only) with modification for non commercial purpose. But the design elements on the image such as text design of the quotes are copyrighted to . So we are claiming partial copyright (Only on design part) on such images.

1.3 Our copyright Policies:

You are bound to obliged the following copyright policies of

  • You can not use any images from Motivational Picture Quotes for Commercial or unlawful purposes. You are free to use all images for non commercial offline uses for personal or education purpose.
  • You are free to share the images on social medias for non commercial educational or social awareness purposes.
  • If you are a website owner and want to use any particular image(s) on your website, you are free to use up to five images without my direct permission with the condition of mentioning images’ sources on such uses. However if you are interested to use more than five images, Please feel free to contact me with the reasons to take direct permission.
  • For more Information about the images license of use or copyright, Please ask me directly with the help of contact page.

1.4 About article (In Text): claims the full ownership and copyright about the content developed as text format either along with quotes or in a separate posts. You have no right to use the contents of any post in any manner, at anywhere or anytime without our direct permission that is obtainable through contacting by mail.

All the text materials except quotes are protected by DMCA. If you violate our copyright policy, we will be bound to take proper and possible action against such uses.

2. For the Author or Owner of the Materials Used in This website

2.1 About The Copyright of Quotes

All quotations, poems and stories are either the property of Public Domain or the intellectual property of their respective creators. Motivational Picture Quotes does not assert any claim of copyright for individual quotations, poems and stories.

If you are the author or owner of material you believe is improperly posted please contact me and I will make the appropriate changes or remove the material immediately.

You can contact me and ask for taking proper action.

2.2 About The Copyright of Images

We have used three differently licensed images in this website.
  1. Copyright free Images from Public Domain
  2. Images from author granted for non commercial uses with the condition of attribution of author profile link.
  3. Images from premium stock images site with the right to use them as quotes’ background and non commercial uses for this site only.
Thus, We do not claim the ownership or authorship of the images mentioned under 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 . All credit regarding images goes to the respective authors. Proper credit where required has been given to the proper author below the posts.
However there might be any mistake or misunderstanding. Such as images that we have collected believing under public domain might be copyrighted to an author or we have bonafide used the images in the manner that violate the copyright policy of the actual owner.
In such case you (The Owner) are requested to contact me with ownership proof documents of image(s) and inform me so that I could take proper actions.