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Do you have any story of your own or of others you have seen that is inspiring or motivating for others ? or any personal opinion regarding positive thinking, motivation and inspiration. Then why don’t you share them with us?

Why should i share them ?

Your piece of writing either story or article could be a great source of inspiration for others. This could bring some light in someone’s life. Even this could become a turning point for a depressed soul.

I want to share my writing, but How ?

Just follow the instructions and conditions given below. Then send it through contact page . We will process the rest OR you may join on our Facebook page “Motivational Picture Quotes ” and send the story in Inbox.

Instructions for story:

  • Write it down on any word processing software. e.g. Microsoft Word
  • Title for the Story (50-60 characters) e.g.: The Sacrifice That Changed my life forever
  • The body of Story (Minimum 500 words maximum is unlimited)
  • Attachment of necessary images (if available) relevant to story. Information about picture courtesy is must.
  • About Yourself: (100-160 words). However you can write it anonymously.In such case, you have to reveal your actual information to us. We will not make such information public. That’s a promise.
  • Your Profile Picture
  • Your country name or any other information that you think fit.

Some extra instruction in case it is Article Writing:

  • References link if you take any part of other renowned author.

Conditions for both story and article writing:

  • No, Copy paste from another writer or writing that has already been published somewhere else. Your article or story must be your own and unique.
  • Again, no article or story that violates the copyright of others.
  • No defamation or sexual words.

However we have full right either to publish it as it is, or modify the writing with your permission, or deny to publish it or take it down in future if any issue arises.

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Sydul Alam Khan (Saidul)

Founder admin, Insbright.com

Johora Papri

Co Founder, Editor