Romantic painting of famous artists is a great attraction for love couple who wishes to decor their bedroom with them. From the ancient period to modern period, there are many artists contribute this world with their high power of creative artwork. Today, I would like to introduce you all some best and trending romantic paintings of love couple.Hope you all enjoy this post.

Romeo and Juliet- A famous Oil painting

Romeo and Juliet painted by Frank Bernard Dicksee in 1884 is one of the most popular oil painting around the world. Because we all still crave ‘passion and faithfulness.’

romeo and juliet painting sir frank dicksee


The Storm – A famous Romantic Paintings

The Storm is a  great painting by French artist Pierre-Auguste Cot, completed in 1880. This oil painting is Currently displayed at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. The artist told the story behind this painting which is-

One day, while descending from the mountaintop, I saw Virginie running from one end of the garden toward the house, her head covered by her overskirt, which she had lifted from behind her in order to gain shelter from a rainshower. From a distance I had thought she was alone; but upon coming closer to help her walk I saw that by the arm she held Paul who was almost entirely covered by the same blanket. Both were laughing together in the shelter of this umbrella of their own invention

pierre auguste cot painting the storm


A dream for two romantic painting

A dream for two is a romantic painting by Gogalniceanu Carolina where oil on canvas representing a dream of sleeping lovers embrace in a crystal clear water, making it a pillow rock, fish swimming near them.


romantic painting a dream for two


Lovers Sleeping-oil on wood panel

A young couple sleeping on bed or partner sleeping is a great artwork of Meredith O’Neal. This piece would look great hanging in an intimate space such as a master bedroom or guest room!


a young couple sleeping on bed painting


The Kiss-Oil Painting of passionate Love Couple

The Kiss is an 1859 painting by the Italian artist Francesco Hayez. It is possibly his best-known work. In this painting, two lovers are kissing passionately standing in a corridor in front of the staircase.


the kiss oil painting


The Abduction of Psyche-the symbol of Love & Romance

The Abduction of Psyche by William-Adolphe Bouguereau is a great painting for Cupid lover. Psyche is a former mortal woman and goddess of the soul in Greek mythology. She is the wife of Eros (Cupid).


the abduction of psyche painting


The Kiss-A beautiful oil painting of Love Couple Kiss

The Kiss (Lovers) was painted by the Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt between 1908 and 1909, the high point of his “Golden Period,” when he painted many works in a similar gilded style. A perfect square, the canvas depicts a couple embracing, their bodies entwined in elaborate robes decorated in style influenced by both linear constructs of the contemporary Art Nouveau style and the organic forms of the earlier Arts and Crafts movement. The work is composed of oil paint with applied layers of gold leaf, an aspect that gives it it’s strikingly modern, yet evocative appearance. The painting is now in the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere museum in the Belvedere palace, Vienna, and is widely considered a masterpiece of the early modern period. It is a symbol of Vienna Jugendstil—Viennese Art Nouveau—and is considered Klimt’s most famous work.

gustav klimt the kiss oil painting


The Fisherman and the Syren- A romantic art paintings

The Fisherman and the Syren (1856–1858) is one of the best work by Frederic Leighton. This early work both illustrated and was inspired by a poem by Goethe, which tells the story of a mermaid who rises from the waters to complain to a fisherman that he is enticing her children to death. Gradually the mermaid’s beauty lures the fisherman into the water and to oblivion. A contemporary critic noted the ‘irresistible seductiveness’ of the mermaid, but he also observed that this ‘young artist has plainly drunk long and eagerly at the fount of beauty that assuaged the thirst of Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael.’ It was in precisely that spirit that Leighton was to be so much admired.

the fisherman and the siren painting


Spring- A Rare Oil painting of a symbiotic pair

Spring is another great painting by French artist Pierre-Auguste Cot. And a collection of Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.

spring a rare oil painting


The Painter’s Honeymoon—Painting on Honeymoon Couple

The Painter’s Honeymoon is a painting by Lord Frederic Leighton, produced in c. 1864 and currently housed at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.The composition and glowing color of Painter’s Honeymoon reflect the influence of such sixteenth-century Venetian painters as Giorgione and Titian.

the painters honeymoon painting


He Gave Me The Brightest Star—emotionally touching painting

He Gave Me The Brightest Star is a fantastic illustration of love by a contemporary artist Adrian Borda. Originally the piece is done as an oil work. Enjoy the beauty and color of this painting reproduced as a fine canvas print. Adrian Borda is a Contemporary Surrealist, born 1978 in Region – Romania. He says the place where he lives is peaceful with no social life, ideal for observing the artistic fights inside him. He’s an inner traveler, exploring the mysterious and extremely complex subconscious world. In his real life as well as in his art he doesn’t care about conventions and the taboos. Borda started painting 16 years ago, after attending the Art High School in Targu-Mures, then specialized at Iasi, “George Enescu” University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. He exhibited in Romania and the Netherlands with his paintings held in private collections all over the world.


he gave me the brightest star painting


Hellelil and Hildebrand or The Meeting on the Turret Stairs—the final embrace of two lovers

“Meeting on the Turret Stairs” aka “Hellelil and Hildebrand” by Sir Frederic William Burton, Based on a story of ill-fated love, this painting shows a tender moment between two doomed lovers.


the final embrace of two lovers painting



Cubist oil painting of loving couple is a modern piece of artwork.Contemporary abstract cubist oil is an attractive piece of artwork for home decor, room decor or office decoration.


cubist oil painting of loving couple


Tango II—One of the most romantic paintings

Tango II shows a beautiful couple dancing the Tango. Broad brush strokes show the power in this striking pose. Enjoy the beauty of this art in every room or workspace. Mark grew up in the Cotswolds and started painting from a young age but didn’t start exhibiting until his early twenties. Since then each exhibition has been more and more successful, and his paintings can now be seen throughout the country on a regular basis. His paintings are filled with emotion, desire and movement – most focusing on dancers or scenes from bars, restaurants, and cafes. He is currently working on a ballerina series.

tango ii romantic paintings


The Lovers-A landscape oil painting of two Lovers

The Lovers II, 1928 by Rene Magritte is an oil on canvas depicting two individuals locked in an embrace. The figures are kissing one another through veils.The elements that make up this painting are the room and the lovers. The way the room is painted makes it seem almost insignificant. The bold colors are shadowed, and there are no windows to give perspective. However, it is unusual to see a room with such a variety of colored walls. The lovers are the primary object and the one that adds the most mystery and intrigue. The way they are both positioned is suggestive. The man is in a dominant position with his shoulders angled. The woman appears to be tilting her head up towards him, but after looking at the position of her body as well, it appears more like she is leaning backward. The most significant aspect of the lovers is the veils. It is a rather bland painting however by simply covering the faces with veils it becomes far more interesting and thought to provoke. The psychological impact, however, is far greater with all of these elements. The color blue is associated with calm or water which is associated with life. The color red is associated with anger, lust, and love while white is associated with purity which also happens to be the least shown. Black is commonly associated with death which the man may be representative of. The woman is dressed in red which may mean love or passion. The veils are of a whitish or grayish color and depending on how you see it could mean purity or could mean the purity is fading or tainted. Trying to put all of these elements together to form a single meaning is rather difficult. It is the culmination of items that are supposed to impact the viewer.

the lovers a landscape oil painting


Large Hand Painted Nude Art Human Mixture Bodies

Nude human bodies are mixed in an artistic way in this painting. This painting is also an excellent example of creative Illustration Artwork.


nude art human mixture bodies painting


Coastal Drive—romantic painting on coastal drive

Coastal drive is a great creation of Brent Lynch who is a powerful figurative and landscape artist whose work is passionate and daring. Using bold brushstrokes and dynamic flourishes of light, shadow, and movement, Lynch pushes the envelope with intense imagery and daring innovation. Early in his career, Lynch illustrated books and designed record covers, but is best known for posters of the ballet, opera, theater and sporting events, including the Olympics. Lynch now devotes himself to painting and has created murals and artworks for public and private collections. He has received many awards for illustration and design and recently claimed the Silver Medal in the International AIM for Art Exhibition.


coastal drive painting


In Bed The Kiss—romantic paintings for bedroom

This captivating 1892 artwork, In Bed: The Kiss, by Toulouse-Lautrec features two women caught up in a passionate moment. In fact, the artist considers this painting as the epitome of pleasurable and sensual delight. The color scheme that he selected was brilliant with shades of red and yellow, which were subdued by gray, green and blue. This enchanting masterpiece expresses the tender love shared by the couple, as though they were fearful of being separated from each other.

in bed the kiss painting


Promise: Nude Love couple hug Tightly

This is so cute painting, and a mast has collection for a passionate lover.

promise painting by art brokerage


Some Creative Work From Leonid Afremov

Leonid Afremov is one of the most distinguished contemporary artists known for his unusual painting manner and a powerful emotional impact his artworks have on a human soul. A man of great talent and imagination, he tries to find inspiration in simple things that can sometimes hold more meaning than the loudest words. Looking for new impressions and fresh ideas, Leonid has traveled to numerous countries taking in everything he saw to tell it in the language of color on one of his bright, eye-striking canvasses. Creative, cheerful and dreamy like himself, they convey a strong positive message filling your heart with peace, harmony, and delight.

SEA OF FEELINGS- Sexy couple Art Work

Sea of feelings -palette knife is an Adult Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov. This picture is colorful and erotic also.


sea of feelings painting


Passion- Figures Of Lovers Oil Painting

Another great 18+ Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov. Passion represent the intense moments of love couple in a great way.


figures of lovers oil paintings


OLD KISS—Kiss Oil Painting of Love pair

Old kiss is another palette knife Oil Painting On Canvas By Leonid Afremov.

old kiss oil painting


Rain’s Rustle—PALETTE KNIFE-A beautiful oil painting

Romantic couple walking on street while raining from afremov.


rain rustle oil painting

I know there are many great artworks which are not mentioned in this post. If I miss any, Please let me know by your valuable comment. So that I can update the post and make it a better collection.